first visit

What to expect

  1. You will be welcomed with a warm smile by our friendly staff. We will ask you to fill out a short Medical History form and the CDT will review and discuss it with you.
  2. An examination of the head and neck is carried out. Teeth and occlusion (bite) and the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and associated muscles are examined.
  3. The lips, cheeks, hard palate, soft palate, tongue and floor of the mouth are checked.
  4. Existing dentures will be evaluated and any problems they are causing (loose, uncomfortable, trouble eating or speaking, tongue- or cheek-biting etc.)
  5. You will be asked when you last attended your Dentist and if you had recent dental treatment such as extractions or fillings. Denture treatment options, preferences and all associated costs will be discussed.
  6. Before we start treatment you may need to see your Dentist for a checkup or to have problems addressed. We can arrange a referral for you during your visit.
  7. Primary impressions are taken.
  8. Note: Medical Card patients (with natural teeth remaining) must have attended a Dentist for examination in the last 6 months before we can begin denture treatment. For patients covered by the medical card scheme,it can take up to 4 weeks for get approval from the HSE to fabricate new dentures.