how long until my dentures are ready?

It depends, but as a general guide 5 - 7 appointments are needed for full denture treatment. Partials with a smaller number of teeth may be completed in fewer visits, while full dentures or complex cases might take longer.

First visit

  • Medical and dental history.
  • Examination, charting.
  • Discussion of preferences and requirements and choice of treatment plan.
  • Primary impressions are made for study models.

Second visit

  • Functional impressions are made, bite record is made for partial dentures.

Third visit

  • Wax rims are placed in the mouth and adjusted and various information is recorded.
  • The mid-line for is marked so the teeth align to the centre of the face.
  • Tooth shape, size and shade is selected and a bite record is made.

Fourth visit

  • Trial wax dentures are fitted in the mouth.
  • Appearance, midline, tooth position and speech are all evaluated.
  • You will be asked about the look and feel of the dentures and suggest any changes you want.
  • Some changes can be made during the appointment, whilst others may require laboratory adjustments and another try-in visit.
  • Complex cases may require several try-in appointments before they are ready for completion.

Fifth visit

  • The finished dentures are ready for placement.
  • During your visit minor adjustments are made so the dentures will fit accurately and comfortably.
  • Speech and appearance are examined.
  • The bite is checked so there is even contact between the top and bottom teeth.

Sixth visit

  • We encourage all patients to return for a review even if the dentures are fitting comfortably.
  • If your new dentures are causing discomfort, we can make adjustments during this visit.
  • If you are a first-time denture-wearer, we will discuss your progress and offer advice to help you become accustomed to your dentures.