denture repairs

Do NOT attempt to repair the denture yourself.
Call us to arrange a repair. If you leave your dentures in before 11am, we can usually have them ready the same day.
Although dentures are made from relatively strong metals and plastics, they can be damaged or broken.
Here are a few of the common causes and what to do if your dentures break:

Dentures dropped on tiles, in the sink, bath, etc.

This is probably the most common reason for breakages. The plastic shatters on impact with very hard ceramics. This often occurs when denture cleaning over the sink.
TIP: To reduce the risk, place a towel or a little water in the basin to soften the fall if you drop the dentures.

A tooth broke off my denture

Denture teeth can pop off or break off the denture base (plate).
If the tooth popped off and you have it we can reattach it.
If the tooth is missing or broken, a new tooth matching the size, colour and position of the old one can be placed onto the denture.

The dog chewed my dentures!

Another common occurrence. We would need to examine the dentures to determine the extent of the damage, but in some cases the plastic has been distorted out of shape, larges sections are missing and the denture is beyond repair.